• Padding, 2006, 72 x 69 x 42 cm

Figurative 2003-

Mergers of sculpture and painting. Three dimensional figurative works made of pigmented plaster. These works investigated the pictorial language which forms when object is seen as a painting and picture.

“If you look at Rannikko's three-dimensional works from a little further away, they seem to lose their three-dimensional quality: they become like unframed paintings. In this situation, the works are something other than either sculptures or paintings. They are like a genre of visual objects that are unknown to us, which make us strongly aware of the linguistics of visual presentation"

Veli Matti Saarinen in catalogue Terrarium

Complete text by Veli-Matti Saarinen from exhibition catalogue Terrarium is found here

Discussion with Jan Kaila from exhibition catalogue Terrarium  is found here