Reynolds, 2014

spray paint on public statue

Public statue is an image of its subject but at the same time it represents time and ideology of pictured era. What happens if we look statues again in the context of this moment? What happens if we emphasis the picture and illusoinistic qualities of statue and its subject? How this subject, ideology and concrete statue could be re-seen and re-rembered in its place? Do we see a model of our own expectations or something which could be interpretated as real and meaningful.

Statue of sea captain and founder of Norvergian IOGT (International Organization of Good Templars) Carl Reynolds is painted with black and white spray paints. Light and shadow painted on statue is based on the photograph taken of statue the time it was erected. Painted statue creates illusion of two dimensional picture. 

Production Kunsthall Grenland, Porsgrunn, Norway