Castings 2000-

The wall reliefs are works made from body-tinted plaster of Paris. I cast them directly on to the walls of the exhibition space by attaching a flexible fabric mould to the wall and filling it with the plaster. When the plaster has set I dismantle the mould, leaving behind the cast shape which will have attached itself to the wall and become part of the room in which it is exhibited. I then build another flexible mould either on top of or next to the existing cast, and repeat the process to cast another shape. Each time, the process of shaping the work also gives it its colour. A colour that is cast exists not only on the visible surface of a work but is continuous throughout its substance. Each of the cast works is a series of changing two-dimensional surfaces overlaid one on top of the other.

Each cast work takes shape only within the exhibition space. The shape, born of the moment, is a tangible expression of the time spent in that space. The works are defined through their casting and setting, through the processes that have been undertaken to make them. The fragmented casts in a given space are images of their own history, with each event and process distinguished by a different colour. As plaster sets in a flexible mould it concretises its own previously unknown and shapeless form.

In some cases  the pre-made parts of castings are re-cast to the walls. After the exhibition castings are removed and cast again in new occasion. Each time casting is made it grows a bit. It gathers each exhibitions situation to its form.  Every time casting it is exhibited it is partly changed and new.


Text by Tarja Pitkänen-Walter from exhibition catalogue in Pori Art Museum exhibition is found here