• installation

Multi-faith Prayer Room, 2019

Installation: Vertical HD projection on paper. endless loop, color, silent. Single channel work: Animated drawing, 5:13, HD Video,color, sound Sound design: Pekka Sassi"Multi-faith Prayer Room" combines limbo zones of travelling to assosiativeness of memory. Constantly shaping animation juxtaposes images from transit areas of airports and humanized birds to fragmented written narration. The starting point of the work is Heathrow airport's hybridised prayer room."Multi-faith Prayer Room" is drawn and written at the same time as it is displayed. This feature creates a structure where meaning of the text and pictures is visible through incompleteness, suggestiveness and organic shaping of drawings. Animated drawing and writing is a form of thinking which by the assositions of memory and perception is lead to various often contardictory directions. Work outlines transit area of narrative, open no man's land between words and drawings and the content they represent. Single channel version of "Multi-fait Prayer Room"  was premiered at Tampere Film festival 2020 as part of national competition.