Limbo, 2019

Photographic Gallery Hippolyte

Unsynchronized two channel HD videoprojection, endless loop

Painted polycarbonate, aluminium, sewer pipe, vellum

Sound design Pekka Sassi


Video installation Limbo(2017-2019) is superimposed onto a dove stencil,—formed from a cut sheet and plastic vellum paper—wheretwo videos are projected from opposite directions onto its surface. The starting point of the work is the symbiotic relationship between pigeon and man. Rannikko pairs visual references of a presumed common cultural history of man with that of a domestic dove and situates them into a fictional telling. The drawn animated sequences, colours, and photographs ,commingle on a translucent surface—building a work that can be understood differently from various directions. The artwork is unsynchronised and endless, so it continually creates unique combinations for each viewer. Limbocontains such imagery and references as air travel, the eye-colours of domestic doves, migration, and breeding. These are combined with a collection of radom visual input, from dance to balancing atop trees.

Production support AVEK (Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo)