Greece, 2013

 two unsynchronized vertical HD projections on acrylic glass, 110 x 160 cm, endless loop 

I worked in the Sfakiotes residence programme on the island of Lefkada in Greece during the summer of 2013. Touring the island, I noticed several unfinished holiday homes and hotels on the slopes leading to the beaches. As "new ruins", the concrete skeletons of the buildings seemed to symbolize both the present economic situation and the continuum of architecture. 

In this work, these structures are combined and merged with images of insects, a radar tower and planes of colour. The piece is highly visual and it seems that colours and forms are of greater importance than the visual content?

The encircling form of the composition is based on the Greek icon of the Prophet Elijah. I went to film in the mountains of Lefkada, which, as is often the case, are in the possession of the army and aerial surveillance authorities. On the highest peak there was a small Greek Orthodox chapel dedicated to Elijah. The radar towers in their function of surveillance and the prophet riding to heaven in his fiery chariot seemed to be complete concord. 

"The work combines two unsynchronized video images, creating practically endless new combinations of images and meanings. Each viewer sees a different work, a new version of the combination of images. Could randomness be a metaphor of travel and continuously encountering new situations?"

When speaking of the works of Carlo Emilio Gadda, Italo Calvino aptly notes:"The work is unfinished and continuously changing. When depicting ruins and changing structures it is also, as a structure, the ruins of ambitious plans and a compilation of fragments."

Perhaps Greece is something similar