FOMA videos 2016

Exhibition FOMA, (Forum Box 2016) consisted of four video projection works, filtered windows and plaster castings on the walls of the gallery.


Tempest, 2015, size 190 x 100 cm, sound

Pyth, 2016, size 150 x 350 cm, sound

Two Suns, 2016, size 60 x 100 cm, silent 

Relais du Soleil d'Or, 400 x 250 cm, sound

Each of the work had two projections which were projected on both sides of semipermeable drafting film. Combination of two projected images mixed on surface of film.  Due to the quality of the drafting film images on two sides of paper were different Mixtures of projected images were endless and the work seen was always new to each viewer.

Material for videos was filmed on touristic locations such as all inclusive hotel in Belec Turqey,southern mediterrain coast of Spain (Marbella, Benalmadena, Gibraltar and Torremolinos) and Lascaux cave in southern France. On location shot material mixed with loose narrative written on projections, green screen shots of dance choreographies and computer generated color animations.

Works shared same thematic issues and together combined a spatial narrative in gallery space.