Fall, 2020

Galley Kling&Bang, Reykjavik

Vertical HD projection on sculpture installation

endless loop, duration 6:07, silent

Painted old cardboard boxes, tape, wood, drafting film

Fall is hand drawn animated drawing which combines written text and images to a one fragmentary narration. Work is based on different phases of water (solid, liquid, gas). Fantastic elements like eyes in fog and levitating pieces of earth are combined with images from biology, anatomy and energy industry. Written text by the side of images constructs loose narration of corporeal liquids and nature tourism.

Fall is rear-projected on semipermeable film on back of the hood-shaped sculpture. Roughly made sculpture combines to drawn images of the animation. Yellow cardboard hood refers to bright colors of hiking clothes and creates a mini theatre for projection. Installation is watchable by standing under the visor of the hood.