• Stressed Beauty, Art Paris Icelandic Lava Rock, 2010, 420 x 15 x 140 cm

B/W 2009-

These works are like stages. Works play with conventions of exhibition by creating three dimensional pictures of constructions for showing artworks. Works are presented in exhibition context but at the same time they represent situation which could be seen as an exhibition. Multiple layers in same work create ambivalency and situation where actual place of the work is hard to define.

I have used the modernist and minimalist forms as a actors of meaninglessness and emptiness. They do have their tradition in context of art, but at the moment they have lost their significance. Those pure forms represent idealism and purity which at the moment is mainly only reference its history.

I place these forms in surrounding which refers to unorganized and accidental happening. Even works are carefully structured they have a quality of chance in them. Timeless untitled forms are part of very temporal act. Certain qualities of presence turn to be a part of narrative act. This and black and white illusionistic handling of surface I see as a clear reference to tradition of photography. Photography and sculpture as documents and/or representations of reality in one piece create interesting parallel of existences in work of art or  presentation.